Daisy Mae Jewellery, is a UK based business. Created in April 2013, and owned by Daisy Mae Martin.

The Jewellery

A majority of the jewellery is handmade by me, most charms are bought, but a few of the charms I make myself. 

I specialise in silver plated jewellery, this is the type of metal I've worked with for years now, and feel most comfortable with using. I've had other metals available before, but I always come back to silver plated. I've decided to stick with this now, as I'd prefer to spend my time creating quality pieces rather than spreading out into other areas.

Caring for your jewellery

Avoid liquids - Make sure you avoid any liquids when wearing your jewellery. Take any pieces off before washing your hands or having a shower/bath etc.

Be gentle - This may be a obvious one but be gentle with your jewellery, these are delicate pieces made to be worn every now and again. Everyday use will cause the jewellery to weaken.

The Business

Creating Daisy-Mae Jewellery was unintentional, it sounds crazy, I know. But it was simply a hobby to start off with. I did list a few of my creations on the small Etsy shop I had back then, selling one or two things a month. 

After finishing College I chose not to go to University, I didn't know where my life was going, and didn't think that spending a large amount of money to go to University and study something I wasn't 100% sure I even wanted to do, was a good idea. 

After job searching for about a year, in April 2013, I was contacted by a girl called Zoe, telling me that she had seen my jewellery on Etsy, and would love to help promote and share it with her followers on Instagram. I had nothing to lose really, so I sent her some pieces.

Since then the audience for Daisy-Mae Jewellery has grown dramatically, and the amount of support I have had along the way has been amazing!

This is now my full time job. I put a lot of time into making and stocking pieces of jewellery that are not only great quality, but very affordable as well.

I have many plans for the future of Daisy-Mae Jewellery and appreciate all the support I have been getting. So thank you!

- Daisy